11 Homemade Table Saw Fences You Can DIY Easily

If you own a table saw of any kind, from a jobsite table saw right up to a cabinet table saw, one of the most important accessories you can have is the fence – while most would agree the blade is more important, the fence runs it a close second.

The problem is, the fences supplied with many table saws are sub-standard at best, and buying a higher-quality aftermarket version can add a lot to the money you’ve already spent.

The good news is, with a little skill and determination, it’s quite possible to make your own DIY fence at home for next to nothing – and if you’re interested in trying, here are some plans we found for 11 table saw fences you can DIY easily.

1. DIY Table Saw Fence

DIY Table Saw Fence

The first plan comes from one of our favorite websites, instrucables.com, always a reliable source whenever you need a DIY plan for just about anything.

This plan is extremely simple, consisting of only three steps, meaning just about anyone will be able to pull it off with ease.

As with all the plans on this site, you’ll find good, clear instructions and a selection of useful photos to illustrate what you should be doing at each step.

As the author explains, most often, the simplest ideas are best. There’s no need to play around making anything extravagant when all you want is something functional that will do the job well. If that’s a sentiment you agree with, this could be just the plan you need.

2. A Wooden Table Saw Fence

A Wooden Table Saw Fence

Here’s a project that’s a bit more involved, but you’ll find lots of pictures of what it looks like as it takes shape and what it should look like at the end. There are also lots of details about what the DIYer who wrote the plan was thinking at each step and how each challenge was overcome.

The downside here is that if you want the full set of plans for this table saw fence, you have to pay. However, if you’re not willing to stump up the cash and are feeling particularly creative, you could simply try to recreate the fence from the photos – depending on your skill level. Some people might even enjoy taking that on as a challenge.

3. Homemade Table Saw Fence

Homemade Table Saw Fence

This is another interesting plan for a table saw fence. The author takes you through all the steps he went through on the way to building his fence, explaining what he was thinking and doing along the way.

We like plans like this where the author details the issues that arose during the construction phase and the solutions they thought of to resolve them. It gives you a good insight into the mind of a skilled DIYer and can help you learn a thing or two for your future projects too.

This is another very simple design, but as you can see in the video at the end, it’s highly effective too. This fence is easy to make and will cost you next to nothing – in other words, the perfect DIY project for you to get stuck into.

4. DIY Table Saw Fence to Save a Few Bucks

DIY Table Saw Fence to Save a Few Bucks

There are two main reasons you might consider making a DIY table saw fence, to save yourself some money or because you enjoy the challenge of DIY projects – or, quite possibly, both.

If you want a high-quality homemade table saw fence and don’t want to spend too much making it, this plan is designed for you. It specifically teaches you how to make a table saw fence for minimal cost, and it will be a great addition to any kind of model, from mini table saws to contractor table saws and more.

The plan takes the form of a YouTube video tutorial. The woodworker carefully explains what you should be doing at each step and why, making it very easy to follow.

Unfortunately, this is another one where you have to pay for the full set of plans – but as you can see, the end result is a very high-quality fence, so you might be willing to pay for the plans and save yourself the money you would spend buying one from a store.

5. Metal DIY Table Saw Fence

Metal DIY Table Saw Fence

Most of the plans we found for are for building your DIY fence from wood – but here’s one we found that uses metal, giving you a stronger, more durable and more professional-looking piece of equipment

One thing we like about this plan is the very high-quality diagrams showing you how to make the fence and giving you the measurements.

Another point we appreciate is that, as the author explains, this was his first attempt at welding and that he found it relatively easy. This shows how you can always pick up new skills just by trying them out – and that it isn’t always as difficult as perhaps you first thought.

6. How to Make a Table Saw Fence

How to Make a Table Saw Fence

Here’s another plan for making your table saw fence, this time in seven steps. You’ll also find a lot more basic information on here about what table saw fences are, how they’re used, why we need them and so on, so this is a great resource for table saw newbies. Table saws are inherently dangerous tools, and there’s a good video in there about safety, too.

Those are all fascinating extras – but when it comes to the actual plans, you won’t be disappointed either. You’ll find a list of everything you need to build your fence as well as clear instructions for how to go about it. To be honest a few photos would have helped too – but it’s still a decent plan worth attempting.

7. Aluminum Table Saw Fence

Aluminum Table Saw Fence

The author of this plan makes a case for the fence being the most important part of the table saw there is, even more so than the blade. Well, whatever side of that particular argument you take, this is another plan for a high-quality metal fence made of aluminum.

The description and explanations here are detailed, and there are a couple of useful diagrams too. This is another plan that would have been better with a few photos – but still well worth a go.

8. One More DIY Table Saw Fence

One More DIY Table Saw Fence

This is a slightly strange-looking plan – it seems to be a photocopy from a book, complete with scribbled notes – that somebody has uploaded to their site. However, that aside, it’s a useful plan for a table saw fence and includes extremely detailed drawings. In any case, it looks like it would work well, so you might be interested in replicating this at home.

9. Table Saw Fence System

The maker of this YouTube video has big claims for his table saw fence, calling it the easiest, steadiest, strongest fully functional homemade table saw fence system. For the fence itself, you’ll have to make up your own mind, but the video is incredibly well made, combining animations and demonstrations of how to build it. Well worth a look – and why not try to make one of your own at home?

10. Table Saw Rip Fence

The author of this plan describes himself as a fan of utilitarian tools rather than fancy gimmicks with all the bells and whistles. If that’s something you can relate to, you might want to check out this idea for building your own table saw rip fence at home.

As he goes on to say, this rip fence is supposed to do its job and be sturdy well rather than look pretty. However, having said that, the final version still looks tidy and professional.

In the text, he takes you through his thought processes and what his original parameters were – and in the accompanying video, you will see a demonstration of how to put it all together. This is another well-made plan that we think could work well.

11. DIY Fence for a Homemade Table Saw

This plan – another from the Instructables website is slightly different in that it tells you how to make a DIY table saw fence for a DIY table saw.

In case you don’t know what a DIY table saw looks like, it’s usually made by turning a circular saw upside down and attaching it to a makeshift table. And of course, if you’ve made one of those, you’ll be needing a fence for it, and this plan tells you how.

As usual, on the page you’ll find a list of the materials and tools you’ll need, clear instructions about what to do for each of the steps and plenty of helpful photos to show you what it should look like. If you have a homemade table saw, this homemade fence could be just what you need.

Creative ideas you can try at home

We’ve enjoyed putting together this list of plans for table saw fences, and it’s always great fun to look at some of the ingenious ideas people are able to come up with to solve problem.

If you own a table saw, you will need a good fence – but with these plans, you can see that if you’re willing to take on the challenge of building it yourself, you don’t need to spend lots of cash buying a ready-made one from the store.

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